5 Reasons To Professionally Clean Your Carpet

How often do you vacuum? Twice a week, once a week? Daily foot traffic can allow dirt and other outside debris to build-up in your carpet. Standard vacuum cleaners are great for getting rid of surface dirt, but over time other dirt, debris, allergens, and more can get embedded into the material causing it to feel flat on your skin instead of feeling soft and cushiony. Chances are the vacuum you have isn’t strong enough to handle a deep cleaning. From keeping it looking fresh to help with allergies, there are several reasons why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned. Some of them include:

● Extending Its Life: An annual deep carpet cleaning can get rid of any tiny food bits, dirt, dust, and debris that has built up that your regular vacuum missed. These pieces can wear down the fibers with each step.

● Keep It New: Over time you might notice that your carpet looks older than it is, dingy, and a few stains that you could never get out. A professional cleaning will lift all of those stains and refresh the carpet fibers. You’ll be able to look and feel how much cleaner the carpet is afterward.

Steam Vacuum Cleaning Carpet

● Eliminate Odors: Have you noticed a weird smell when you get close to the carpet? If you have pets, or a buildup of dirt and debris, the carpet will trap in those odors. It is even worse if your pet has urinated or defecated on the carpet. The professional cleaning will lift every one of those smells, including deep urine smells so the animal can’t smell their past indiscretions and commit them again.

Cat Next to Vacuum

● Prevents Infestations: Dust mites absolutely love all of the bits your regular vacuum doesn’t pick up. They’re microscopic so you have no idea if they’re even there, but they are irritating to allergy sufferers. Professional cleaning removes their comfy home when it gets rid of the dirt and debris.

● Removes Allergens: Dust mites aren’t the only thing to cause issues. Dust, pet hair and dander, some pollen tracked in from shoes, other allergens, and even bacteria can be nestled in your carpet. For those who suffer from allergies, you could be having a reaction to your carpet and not even realize it. A deep clean will get rid of anything making you miserable in your own home.

If you can’t remember the last time your carpet was cleaned contact us today! We can help you bring back life to your old rugs!