Ending 2021 With A Clean Slate!

2021 Wrap Up

2021 In Review

This year we’ve kept incredibly busy serving our treasured clients! Since March, we have completed projects in window cleaning & sealing, gutter cleaning, repairs, re-design, power washing, mold treatment, desk cleaning, sealing, and repairing, wood trim replacing and exterior painting, interior painting for a home sale (a great time to do so in this hot sellers’ market!), garage insulating and interior finishing, door replacements, grout cleaning and sealing, carpet cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, repairs, and outlet screen installs.


Our 2022 Expectations

Our 2022 new year’s resolution, we’re eager to do all of the above and then some. Just this winter season we have and will continue to do carpet cleaning, grout cleaning and sealing, interior painting, dryer vent cleaning, drywall repairs, general organizing, and testing for mold, lead, water, and more! It’s our greatest goal and achievement to take care and provide our customers with quality services for their unique needs, no matter how big or small the job. We hope that we can grow as a business and please more clients with our top-notch expertise, courtesy, timeliness, and cleanliness!

We would like to thank all our clients for your continued patronage and trust in our team! We hope that we can continue to deliver on great service and excellent results to keep your home clean, fresh, and healthy no matter the year or the season!