The Pre-Winter Clean

Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning, but fall is another great time to deep clean before cozying up for winter. As the Michigan cold sets in, it’s too late to do any kind of outdoor cleaning, so what CAN you do?


Just because your wall has a few scratches and stains doesn’t mean you need to completely paint the whole wall or room. Match your paint or let us help you find the perfect match to cover up any blemishes. 

Carpet Cleaning

Whether it’s your living room or the whole house, professional carpet cleaning should be on your chore list at least once a year. After tracking in dirt and debris all spring and summer, give your carpet a reset with Authority Home Services’ carpet cleaning. We guarantee that our team will only leave behind cleanliness and satisfaction!

Power Washing


A necessary but potentially dangerous task, gutters are often cleaned before the first snows and frost. Now is the time! Don’t risk yourself on a rickety ladder digging around your roof. If you must, remember to inform those around you in case of emergency. If you have a smart-watch, set your fall impact warning on for safekeeping. Better yet? Leave it to the professionals.


Another necessity, duct cleaning is difficult to do-it-yourself. When a professional cleans your homes’ vents, you will enjoy cleaner, healthier air with less dust and dirt. A clean vent system will raise the efficiency of the homes’ HVAC setup which is crucial this time of the year when most of us are turning on our heaters. With increased precipitation, it’s also important to clean vents and ducts to check for mold. If you feel any musky odors around the house, check immediately before the mold has a chance to spread.