Why Wait For Spring Cleaning?

It’s cold outside and cleaning is the last thing on everyone’s mind, but just imagine how much easier spring cleaning will be with the help of Authority Home Services now? Prepare your home for Thanksgiving and the holidays with our snow-or-shine cleaning services!

Carpet Cleaning
Most homes in Michigan have carpet in at least half the house to keep us cozy during the cold months. Unfortunately carpet also requires maintenance and cleaning when we track in dirt, mud, snow sludge, and more from outside. Thankfully, our cleaning services will have it looking new!
Keep the cold out and more money in your pocket with our caulking services! Don't let your heating bill rise through the roof when the frost starts to bite.
Like the rest of your HVAC system, dryer vents should be cleaned at least once a year as a fire safety precaution. Winter is a great time to get your dryer and home vents cleaned with the whole family inside more frequently. Guarantee your home is safe with Authority Home Services!
Organization & Cleanup
The core of 'spring cleaning' - decluttering. Let us help you with organization and cleaning techniques to keep your house fresh and uncluttered